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The broad range of skills and in-depth knowledge our principal and qualified accountants have developed in many different areas, are available to our clients. We have built up a reputation for quality advice amongst the solicitors, banks and Inland Revenue Department personnel we work with. Whether you are considering a new operation, expansion or need assistance with your current business we can advise and guide you on the way.


Is it time-consuming pulling all the numbers together at the end of the financial year?
Does it help if you can focus on where you are going?

Good financial decisions require sound financial information, which in turn requires the preparation of accurate and timely financial information. We make the tasks easier by producing from your records the appropriate financial statements for:

  • Companies
  • Individuals
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures
  • Trusts

We prepare comprehensive financial forecasts that not only help predict future profitability, but just as importantly, future cashflows i.e. CASH IS KING. Then we explain what the numbers mean in terms you can understand.

If you feel your existing systems are not giving you what you want or need to manage your business, we are able to set up internal accounting systems and procedures to help you. Our objective is to help you produce useful information from your system, so that you know more about your business.

Financial & Management Reporting

Do you feel that you cannot make head nor tail of your financial results or what they mean for the future of your business?

We will go a step further and assist you with reporting and interpreting the results on a regular basis. By going further we can help you with:

  • Preparation of statutory year end Financial Statements and tax returns,
  • Maintenance of cashbooks and financial processes,
  • Financial administration function,
  • Company compliance issues or tasks including; annual returns, change of directors, change of share ownership, annual minutes and statutory returns,
  • Variance and exception reporting.
  • Business benchmarking reports.
  • Key performance indicator reporting.
  • What if analysis e.g. what effect increasing prices has on profitability after sales quantity reduces.

Business Advisors/Mentoring/Valuations

Considering starting or buying a business, or perhaps you want to transfer your existing business into a Company or Trust?

We can help you understand the intricate financial aspects of the business, identify the pitfalls, whether or not the asking price or set-up costs are reasonable, and how to structure the ownership in the most beneficial way to you.

There are many things you should consider before you commit yourself to starting or buying a new business. Investing in our expertise in the early stages can save you time and money. For example, we can assist you with obtaining the most appropriate finance package and provide the right information to the bank or lending institution.

Or what about providing a valuation opinion that includes analysis of industry information and an estimate of value involving a brief examination of your business's historical information and future prospects.

  • New business set-up and advice
  • Organizing and assisting with loan finance
  • Feasibility studies and business plan vetting
  • Business plan preparation
  • Budgeting and cashflow forecasting
  • Advice on buying or selling a business
  • Valuations of Shares and Businesses
  • Business structures and Company formation
  • Tax Planning
  • Trust set up and administration
  • Insurance and Investment Advice

Ongoing Book-keeping & Secretarial Support

Business Management support and advice

  • Monthly and periodic accounting
  • Cost and management accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Tax accounting and compliance
  • GST return preparation
  • Accounting system reviews
  • Accounts Payable and/or Accounts Receivable Maintenance
  • Payroll /Employment Services
  • Secretarial Services e.g. Debtors/Creditors

Computer Setup and Assistance 

The complexities and difficulties associated with the purchase and maintenance of an existing computer system can be avoided by seeking advice at the right time.

Whether clients wish to use their own computer equipment, or take advantage of ours to keep themselves up to date with their affairs, we have a number of solutions to problems.

  • Selecting the right computer
  • Computerised Cash Books
  • Invoicing / Debtors Software
  • Payroll Packages
  • Monthly Cashflow Reports
  • Off or On-Site Computer Assistance and/or Training

Tax Planning

Do you have difficulty with the requirements for filing records with the IRD or remembering all those important dates?

We aim to smooth your dealings with the IRD by ensuring that your tax liabilities are legitimately minimised while complying with all the current tax legislation. We will also help you:

  • Understand the benefits and risks involved when considering all your tax options,
  • Liaise with the Inland Revenue Department on your behalf,
  • Prepare and file your tax returns (plus the associated financial information), including GST and FBT returns.  Let us leave you clear to focus on your business, rather than dealing with the IRD paper war.  In fact we prefer you not to deal directly with the IRD, other than to pay the taxes we advise you to pay!
  • Tax minimisation
  • Tax planning
  • GST planning
  • Dividend and imputation tax planning
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Overseas tax advice
  • IRD tax investigations and audits
  • Tax Efficient Employee remuneration packages
  • Tax Efficient Redundancy and dismissal issues

Insurance & Investment Advice

We provide a full Financial Planning Service including insurance and investment advice.

The insurance services include both business and personal insurance needs. Business insurance includes keyman insurance, directors & officers insurance, fire and general insurance, public liability, business interruption, professional indemnity, loss of profit and succession planning insurance options. Personal insurance includes fire and general, life and health insurance and mortgage protection insurance.

The investment services include advice on where to invest your lump sum savings, inheritance or retirement funds and the on-going maintenance of such funds. This includes advice on fixed term investments, shares and unit trusts and also advice on monthly savings plans for your retirement.

We are a member of Professional Investment Services Ltd (PIS), a major Australian Financial Planning Association. (PIS Website)

Budgeting, Forecasting and Cashflows

Do you feel that you make informed decisions?

To maximise the performance of your business it is important to have the best information at your fingertips. The most appropriate, up-to-date information is a critical element of informed decision-making and the most common example of this is budgeting and forecasting.

While they should be prepared as a matter of course, more commonly financial modelling is required for the following purposes:

  • Budgets, Forecasts and Rolling Forecasts,
  • Business plan preparation ie if this is my business, here are my potential results, Business case viability, ie how do the numbers stack up given these criteria? (What-if analysis for changes in key criteria),
  • Business decisions, ie major capital investment,
  • Funding applications for presentations to a financier, either current or proposed,
  • To assess the value for sale, whether external or to current management,
  • Business strategic review,
  • Growth planning, including tax planning to manage payments and potential penalties.

We specialise in linking the big picture to the key drivers of your business helping you manage performance. We can help you report to key stakeholders (eg. banks) to align the understanding of all parties. Working to a scope defined together we will provide the information you require.

Business Plan Preparation

Ever wondered what banks really mean when they ask for a business plan?

A business plan involves a process of defining where you want your company to be in three to five years' time, and exactly how you and your team are going to set about addressing this. Ideally, it is a planning and review process which involves making decisions about a number of enduring characteristics of your business, including:

  • Defining the characteristics of your company in three to five years' time,
  • Defining specifically what business you want to be in,
  • Answering the question "Where will the company derive its growth from"?
  • Considering the internal structure and resources of the company in combination with the impact of various external factors (political, economic, social and technological),
  • Identifying objectives, strategies and associated action plans, which will assist you to succeed,
  • Define an effective implementation process so that all the hard work is put to good use.

What are the benefits of a business plan?
Why would you want to do business planning?

  • Organisations need to adapt to changes which may have occurred or will occur in the future;
  • Planning is used as a means to identify and focus on these changes and to develop a strategy which helps protect your business from threats and weaknesses, and allows you to capitalise on opportunities and strengths which you have identified through the planning process;
  • Your company should appreciate the need to make sound medium to long term decisions and approach planning in a way which involves all the stakeholders/board members/staff, ensuring acceptance of the long term planning process;
  • Business planning can also be used to provide comfort to outsiders in communicating the strengths of the organisation.

Our approach to any Business Planning exercise is based upon a well-tested Business Planning methodology, which is tailored to meet your needs.

Payroll Services

Payroll services tailored to meet your needs.

As well as on-call assistance for payroll questions we offer a complete outsourcing service, where we take over the processing and undertake full management of your payroll, relieving you of "headaches" from this key task.

We provide expert advice in any area of this complex business process.

Succession Planning Services

At some stage you will be planning to retire or sell your business!
Will you be dealing with other family members, employees or outside investors?

It is vital to consider various exit strategies in preparation for the time when you want to sell, retire, or pass on the operation to family members or employees.

We assist with advice on the most appropriate method for selling or passing over your business that best suits your needs.

Trusts Setup and Trust & Estate Administration

Ever wondered if a Trust is right for you?
Are you considering forming a Trust?

With changes continuing to occur in the local business, social and political environment there are a variety of reasons to implement a trust for the protection of your assets.

  • Effective advice on structuring your assets and business including the use of Trusts as a business trading option and asset protection tool,
  • Trust and Estate administration services,
  • Liaison with legal firms to ensure the Trust complies with the necessary legal issues,
  • Ongoing compliance of financial reporting and tax issues.

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